Live (sort of) from Miami Beach & @Sustainatopia

This week I have the good fortune to find myself in South Beach for the Sustainatopia Impact Conference. Born 3 years ago as the “Social Venture Capital Social Enterprise Latin America” event, Sustainatopia is now a multi-purpose celebration of all things sustainable, at least for Florida and Latin America. The arts, our oceans, impact investment and more all come together for a couple of weeks in April, fruit of the prodigious efforts of John Rosser.

Check out all the interesting things going on this week at Sustainatopia ( or learn more about the Impact conference here (

As for me, I’m looking forward to talking with a wide range of colleagues about my favorite topic, the money in the middle. Who’s investing, who’s donating and who’s sitting on the fence? What can we as impact investment practitioners do to reach this last group? Are grant and investment capital part of a constructive and productive cycle or do we need to put more effort into creative structuring and aligning interests around cost, pricing and performance? Where are there pockets of ventures with social impact (VSIs) that are investment ready and who’s serving their financing needs?

As always, I’d love to hear what all of you think! Please feel free to come up an introduce yourself at the conference. I’m looking forward to a rejuvenated pipeline of blog posts when I return 🙂

Lauren Burnhill, @LaurenOPV


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